Reading Categories

Children learn to read at very different rates and need to learn a variety of skills during this time. So we have identified three categories of books which will help your child become a fluent reader. 

Read to Me

These are the early years books for children between 0-5 years old. Great for parents and tots alike, these books are designed to be read to your child. So you may want to start practising your voices.

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Why this is important

Children benefit from hearing you read to them as they can focus on understanding and enjoying the story rather than focusing on reading the words. It gives them the opportunity to learn new vocabulary, as well as concepts from books. This helps them learn both words and things about the world.

Read with Me

These books are for children aged 3-7 years old. This is a great age when children start to learn basic words and phrases such as “the”, “here” and “said”, and are able to join in with some of the words and phrases.

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Why this is important

By this stage, your child will have learnt some High Frequency Words or Common Tricky Words such as ‘the’, ‘here’, ‘said’ and ‘I’. And may have learnt to sound out words using their knowledge of phonics, so knows that /c/a/t/ is cat. Your child may also have started to remember common refrains (often found in traditional tales and fairy tales) such as ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in’.  In addition, they may have worked out that many books contain rhyming text. So they can jump in at the end of the rhyming couplet.

This all means that when you read to them, pointing to the words as you go  along, they may start to join in with you.

This is a wonderful moment and one to be enjoyed and celebrated.  So make sure to enjoy the moment and go slowly. Don’t rush them, learning to read is a marathon not a sprint.  Just enjoy the time you spend cuddled up together, it will be over all too soon.

Listen to Me!

These books are for children aged 7-11 years old. When your child will bring home books from the school reading scheme.

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How you can help

These books, whilst not necessarily being great literature, are still a vital part of the learning to read journey.  So please set by 5-10 minutes every day for them to read to you. Listen as your child reads the words and, if and when they get stuck, give them up to 5 seconds to work it out for themselves. Then help them by either giving them the word or suggesting a strategy such as sounding out, reading on or using the pictures if relevant.

Until your child is reading these books fluently, they will benefit from reading them over several times. So that they can build their reading accuracy and fluency.  It is also really important to ensure they understand the meanings of all the words. As well as understanding what has happened in the story. So try to ask them questions during and after to check this out.